How I work

Carl Rogers
I take my inspiration from psychotherapist Carl Rogers who founded the person-centred counselling movement in the 1950s.  It is a non-judgmental, non-labelling approach which is concerned to learn about what the client thinks, as they are the expert on themselves.  I am concerned about the things that matter to the client and will facilitate the work so that the client is able to find out more about themselves and the direction they want to go in.

The accepting quality of this type of counselling makes it likely the client will develop a more caring attitude towards themselves and listen more accurately to themselves.  This understanding can then be used to address the big and the small decisions in life.   

My role is to facilitate the client in finding a new way of being, beyond the distress of their current situation.  This involves self-exploration and leads to a better understanding for the client and their circumstances. 
This insight can produce changes in how a client feels and behaves, and take them to new and more fulfilling directions.

There is no right amount of time for how long this will take, it is certainly a gradual process, and we will agree and review the number of sessions on a regular basis. 
The direction will be client-led and so will always be relevant, encompassing goals, hopes and fears along the way.
The tendency for growth is central to person-centred counselling and I will use a range of techniques to best enable this. 
As a counsellor I strive to be sensitive, caring, perceptive and understanding. 
I celebrate our individual differences and feel privileged to be part of the delicate process that counselling is.