About me

Professional ​

I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and I work within their ethical framework and professional standards.  My skills and knowledge are kept up to date through an active reading interest in counselling, group and individual supervision and attending courses for professional development.  

I am currently working with clients for CrossReach Counselling and Number 40 Counselling, and spent two years working with LGBT Health in Edinburgh.  I support people from a wide range of backgrounds who are experiencing difficulties.  We explore what causes could be shaping the current situ​ation, talk about how it feels and where the client would like to be moving towards. 

Prior to counselling I worked in a range of roles in mental health, at a respite centre, in a mental health centre, and as a community mediator facilitating agreements between neighbours who were in dispute.  The conflict resolution work used an approach that looked at the issues in a specific, measured and respectful manner to find solutions.  Often in counselling there is internal or external conflict, and mediation has helped me to be insightful in this area.​

I have experience of teaching tai chi and learning mindfulness techniques which can be useful too.

Counselling Diploma
2017- 2018
This course taught me how to become a counsellor, involving lots of triad and group work, presenting and developing the skills needed to work best with a client.  It was both theoretical and practical and provided an environment where questions could be freely asked and a sense of self was developed.  
Edinburgh University
PG Certificate in Counselling
This academic course taught two types of counselling, psychodynamic and person-centred, and emphasised the dialogue between them both.  There was a thorough teaching of counselling theories and principles.